Surfin' The Great Lakes Monoline Design

Surfin' The Great Lakes Monoline Woodcut Design by Designer, Liam Ashurst

Aloha freshies!  Along with my wife, Erin Shanks, I co-own Freshwater Surf Goods.  My name is Derik.  It is spelled the viking way, D-E-R-I-K.  It is a fairly uncommon spelling.  Typically, Derik is spelled as Derek, Derrek, Derick, Derrick and even sometimes with a "y."  Going on vacations as a kid was always disappointing because I could not find a keychain or magnet with my name on it in any of the souvenir shops at those popular destinations like Niagara Falls or Canada's Wonderland.  Don't get me wrong, as an adult, I totally love and thrive off of being my own completely unique individual, but as a child, coming from a broken home, I suppose I just wanted to fit in somewhere.  I suppose when I began surfing on Lake Erie in 1999, I knew I was a part of a small, but special crew of dedicated lake surfers.  However, when I went to a surf shop, I could only purchase brands like Quiksilver and Billabong (that were totally awesome btw), but were geared more towards the SoCal lifestyle and did not necessarily capture the spirit of the gritty unsalted warriors that tackle the freshwater swells.  That my friends is why we have created Freshwater Surf Goods!  If you surf on the lakes and want to rep your pride, we will have apparel for that.  No more hiding behind ocean infested brands, as your Great Lakes surf brand has arrived!  For our first design, we commissioned the uber talented, Liam Ashurst, for his classic and well-known monoline / woodcut / Scandinavian style to depict a more Canadiana surf scene inside each of the Great Lakes.  I developed the concept for each lake, and with his magical talent, our Surfin' The Great Lakes Unisex Tee was born.  Hope you love it as much as we do and rock it with lakesurfer pride!  Mahalo.

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